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scott bernstein
elcome to Scott Bernstein.com.

This site was built for you to be able to find information on me and my latest business ventures.

Check out some of the cool photos in the Rock & Roll 'Hall of Shame'.

Also check out links on my 'links page'; both fun and informative.


Born in Far Rockaway, Queens, I grew up in Lawrence, NY; one of the "Five Towns" on Western Long Island.  I spent my childhood there until I left for college at 18.

Out of School 

After college, I sold my soul to rock & roll. It was a wild 25 years.  From unsigned bands to international superstars, it was one amazing trip that I wouldn't trade for anything. Click my picture!


To Be Continued. . .

PostHeaderIcon Joan Jett - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Live Show & Road Footage by Scott Bernstein
(The Academy, nyc)
Backstage Road Footage by Bryan Hartley

Directed & Edited by Scott Bernstein

A Hart/Bern Production

“The whole world's my audience.”
Scott Bernstein, 1990